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Complete Auto Repairs

Feel confident every time you take your vehicle out for a drive when New York Auto Radiator, Inc. in Binghamton, New York, is your shop for complete auto maintenance and repairs. Our crew is backed by extensive industry experience. We use the latest tools and technologies to restore function to both foreign and domestic vehicles quickly.

Leave the Repairs to Us

Whether your vehicle is making a strange noise, or the check engine light has come on, you need the right auto repair technicians to care for your investment. We are known for quality work at affordable prices. New York Auto Radiator, Inc. is the shop to call for:
• Computerized Diagnostics
• Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repairs
• Exhaust System Repairs
• Window Regulator Repairs
• Suspension & Steering Services
• Battery Repairs & Replacements
• Transmission & Engine Repairs
• Tire & Rim Repairs
• Alternator Repairs
• Heater Core Repairs
• Tire Rod Repairs
• And More
• Brake Repairs
• Electrical Work
• Starter Repairs
• Tune-ups
• Oil Changes


Gas Tanks

Most vehicle owners only think of their fuel tank when it's time to fill up. Like other components of your vehicle, your gas tank requires routine service, including cleaning, repairs, coating, and replacements to ensure it's fully functional. 

Gas Tank Serves for:

• Commercial & Industrial Vehicles
• Cars
• RVs
• Trucks
• Vans
• SUVs
• Buses
Checking Oil - Auto Repairs
Under a Hood - Auto Repairs

Contact us to make your vehicle run like new with our auto repairs.